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MTCWE Course in Montreal


Pre-requisites: MTCNA certification or similar knowledge*.

Instructor: Renato L. Garzillo,MTCNA,MTCWE,MTCRE,MTCTCE,MTTrainer,BSc.


The MTCWE course  focus on Wireless solutions using Mikrotik products. We will be focusing from since Wireless Instalations to Unique Mikrotik features for Wirelless installations. The topics discussed on the course follows bellow:

  • Wireless Installations
  • Wireless Standard
  • Wireless Tools
  • Wireless Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Advanced Settings
  • 802.11n
  • Wireless Security
  • WDS and MESH
  • Wireless Bridging
  • Nstreme Protocol
  • Nv2 Protocol

Additionally to the items above, the course will also develop supplementary knowledge on new topics,e.g.: CapsMan and SXT Topics

About the exam:
Students with a score above 60% on the exam will be certified as MTCNA; students who score between 50 and 60% will have a second chance at the certification exam, for.

Finally, students with less than a 50% score will win a certificate of participation and will be invited to attend the same course on another occasion.

Classes start at 10h00 and finishes at 17h00. There are two pauses of 30 minutes for coffee break and a pause of 1 hour for lunch- These pauses are totally flexible according to needs of the students and can be arranged appropriately.

Dates and Places:

  • From August 18 to August 19,2016  Language: English
  • From September 15 to September 16,2016  Language: English

Where: 605 Atwater,Montreal Quebec,Canada, H3J 2T8 -last floor- Lionel-Grouxl Metro Station

Cost: CAD$ 785+tx -students will earn a router

Inscription:click here

*Students with equivalent MTCNA or supplementary knowledge may attend this course- They will only not be allowed to attend the certification exam.