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MTCNA+MTCWE-Double Pack-Vancouver-Save 16%


Pre-requisites: For MTCNA Course or Double Pack: Basic Knowledge on IT and Networking

For MTCNA-MTCWE Double Pack Course or MTCNA Course: Basic Knowledge on IT and Networking.

For MTCWE Course: MTCNA Certification

Instructor: Renato L. Garzillo,MTCNA,MTCRE,MTCTCE,MTCWE,MTTrainer,B.Ing.


We are offering our Double pack MTCNA and MTCWE course in Vancouver. However, in case the student prefers , he/she can choose participate only in one of the courses MTCNA or MTCWE according to his/her current needs.

The MTCNA course is the entry-level certification for Mikrotik family products. The student will learn the basics about how to configure and interact with the router, until basic interconnection applications with it. The outline of the course follows bellow:

  • Module 1- Introduction
  • Module 2- Routing
  • Module 3- Bridging
  • Module 4- Wireless
  • Module 5- Network Management
  • Module 6- Firewall
  • Module 7- QoS
  • Module 8- Tunnels

Additionaly we will be also offering the topics for the MTCWE course,which  focus on Wireless solutions using Mikrotik products. We will be focusing from since Wireless Instalations to Unique Mikrotik features for Wirelless installations. The topics discussed on the course follows bellow:

  • Wireless Installations
  • Wireless Standard
  • Wireless Tools
  • Wireless Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Advanced Settings
  • 802.11n
  • Wireless Security
  • WDS and MESH
  • Wireless Bridging
  • Nstreme Protocol
  • Nv2 Protocol


About the exam:
Students with a score above 60% on the exam will be certified as MTCNA; students who score between 50 and 60% will have a second chance at the certification exam, for.

Finally, students with less than a 50% score will win a certificate of participation and will be invited to attend the same course on another occasion.

Students willing to take the MTCWE certification exam must first have the MTCNA certification valid. To be certified as a MTCWE , you score must be above 60% on this exam. If while doing your MTCWE exam ,the student score is between 50 and 60 % , he will be granted a second chance at this exam also. Students with a score bellow 50% will win a certificate of participation and will be invited to attend the same course on another ocasion.

Classes start at 10h00 and finishes at 17h00. There are two pauses of 30 minutes for coffee break and a pause of 1 hour for lunch- These pauses are totally flexible according to needs of the students and can be arranged appropriately.

Dates and Places(Vancouver):

  • Double pack MTCNA and MTCWE November 14 to 18,2016 Vancouver,BC Language: English
  • MTCNA Course November 14-16,2016 Vancouver,BC Languague:English
  • MTCWE Course November 17-18,2016 Vancouver,BC Languague:English


OfficeSuites at Airport SquareSuite 1100-1200 West 73

Suite 1100-1200 West 73rd Avenue Vancouver, BC V6P 6G5 (map)

What is included: 

  • Students will earn a router RB951Ui2HnD
  • Coffee break
  • Lunch from a cathering service
  • 1 year of free answering questions about the course by email.



Double pack MTCNA and MTCWE  From CAD$ 1520.00+tx To CAD$ 1400.00+tx (save 16%)

MTCNA Course: From CAD$ 885.00+tx  to CAD$ 742.00+tx (save 16%)

MTCWE Course: From CAD$ 785.00+tx to CAD$ 658.00+tx (save 16%)


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