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Mikrotik users meeting in Montreal. October 19th 2015

By in MUM

As part of Mikrotik users meeting, held in Montreal, on October 19, 2015, the President of Renato L. Garzillo, gave a speech before 300 participants.

The speech was focused on the unique features and high performance of Mikrotik devices for multi-node wireless networks. Since the topics have attracted great public interest, the speech turned into dialogue between the speaker and the audience.


What is the purpose of a multi-node wireless network? Types of existing multi-node wireless networks.  What is and why using Mesh topology? 802.11s? What are Mikrotik protocols and answers for a multi node wireless network environment? How to run an application that allows to work in this mode in a simple way? etc  – These were the questions which the President of gave full answers to.

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In order to demonstrate the unique capabilities of Mikrotik and visualize its effectiveness, the speaker made tests before the public. He connected devices, creating a multi-node wireless network at the place, sometimes presenters consider these tests are risky, however the experiment was successful due to the dependability of MikroTik products, becoming this company even more attractive to network engineers, after what it  has been shown and well described.

The audience became witness of the simplest, fastest and cheapest dissemination  of a multi-node wireless network , even for inaccessible places.

Thus, users and market professionals were able to assess for themselves the benefits of MikroTik products. The success of the speech of the President of, repeatedly applauded by the public during the speech, it was the beginning and / or strengthening of’s collaboration with not only the major players in the North American market, as well as the many Foreign business which were present that day at the meeting.

P.S.: The next MikroTik users meeting where will take part it  will be held in the United States.




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